Virtual CTO (On-Demand CTO)

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) must be able to provide sound technical leadership in all aspects of an organisation. The CTO must be able to communicate with stakeholders, customers, investors and other relevant parties to ensure the organisations technology strategy is realised.

Strategic thinking is essential. The CTO should be well-versed in current technological trends in the field and be familiar with a variety of business concepts. They should be able to identify the best solution, see past the 'fad' and deploy the best technology to augment an organisations strategy.

That said, despite the importance of the CTO position for any organisation, many Start-Up through Medium sized organisations can't afford the overhead of a full-time CTO.

cdmdotnet has a solution to this. Our Virtual CTO service allows you to engage the services of a CTO while maintaining the flexibility of an on-call service but without the overhead.

Areas of Focus



Your VCTO will work with your leadership team and stakeholders to develop a technical strategy for your organisation. Establishing technical objectives, discussing options and analysing any risks. Your technical strategy must align with your organisations overall business objectives, your VCTO has both the technical skill and good business sense to successfully fulfil this responsibility.


Your VCTO works with engineering and production leaders, aiding recruitment and retention efforts, streamlining digital operations, advocating for innovative ideas with the aim of increasing productivity, optimising resource spend and growing team skillsets. Your VCTO will maximise the efficiency of development efforts not only by coordinating the various teams and operations involved in the technology lifecycle but also across your entire organisation. Through agile practices, your development teams will be able to prioritise and maximise throughput ensuring there is nothing left wanting.


Your VCTO has a duty of care to your organisation and fulfils this by aiding acquisition efforts, building the organisations presence and voice. Keeping up on competitive trends, both in the market and among partners is critical. Your VCTO keeps an eye out for new technological developments that can help your organisation improve efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.


Your VCTO provides market expertise to the organisation while helping build relationships with potential customers. Your VCTO builds confidence in the organisation's vision, participates in client meetings and works diligently to meet end-user needs.


It's an outdated notion to see IT as a tool to maintain existing infrastructure. With the right culture and practices, your IT teams can become a truly Digital team, rapidly developing and deploying high-quality features adding value. The DevOps process unites people, processes and tools to achieve your Digital and technical strategic goals. Your VCTO will guide you towards becoming a high-performing DevOps organisation and is so doing, transforming IT into a strategic asset.


Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of an organisation, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to stakeholders. Through the digitisation and automation of processes, you can increase productivity and reduce overheads. Sometimes, it takes a cultural change that requires organisations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment and get comfortable with setbacks. Your VCTO will guide you through the process and work with all stakeholders to achieve a successful Digital Transformation.

The role of the (Virtual) Chief Technology Officer reaches out to all levels of the organisation, from executive leaders down to operations, and then on to sales and marketing. The exact shape these areas of focus depends on the size of your organisation and the industry you're in but each area of focus is as important for a startup or a company in growth mode as, it is for a mature organisation. Contact us today to discuss your organisations requirements and how cdmdotnet's Virtual CTO can help you make a diffrence.

VCTO Consultants


With over 20 years in the ICT industry, Grover has been overseeing software development in a wide vaiatiry of industries. He became an accomplished architect and Chief Technology Officer over the course of the last nine years. Over the course of his career, Grover has specialized in complex, highly secure applications for the finance and insurance industries, where he worked with SunTrust Bank, Wells Fargo, Visa and Sovereign Insurance.

Grover works with an intense, but systematic approach with a focus on efficiency. He's driven by efficiency and is oriented towards constant performance improvements that can be provided by well architectured cloud business models and strategies, while identifying specific ways to help others improve.

Grover has successfully worked with extensivly cloud-based applications for companies at the start-up stage and through to maturity.

Focused on technical and product strategy, along with road-maps and process improvement, Grover has a passions for quality of service and client success.


AJ is an has experienced Business & Systems Analyst with experiance in website development, customer Loyalty platforms, e-commerce & mid-office applications along with other enterprise solutions.

Working with a wide range of customers from sole operators and start-up's through to established enterprise size organizations, he works with our clients to gather requirements, diagnose issues and work with developers to resolve any issues.